i t ' s   t h e   e c o n o m y , 
b r a n d o n !
Inflation is the
most insidious,
affecting those
who can afford
price hikes 
the least ! 

The classic definition of inflation:


Too much money chasing too few goods!  


Billions & Trillions of funny money have been thrown around recently with China(zi) covid,

 infrastructure, even the war in Ukraine for cover, and many millions within hidden for a plethora of nefarious purposes.  


Gas & oil output, pipelines & refineries slashed, all manner of supply chain disruptions, shortages of commodities from baby formula to tampons. 


Was it on purpose, Brandon?






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To crash the US Dollar

as the world's reserve currency?

To improvrish the working class

in order to control them?

To cut tariffs & import more

from your paymaster?



November, come the reckoning . . .