Educational Development 

An Education System Off the Rails!

What the Chinese Covid virus exposed in K-12 curriculums . . .

The Parent Revolution


The Chinese-Covid lockdowns forced many students into online classes which enabled parents across the country to become aware, in real time, of a subversive CRT curriculum & the pervese sexualization of their children by cultural indoctrinators in K-12 education.


To counter the threat to their children, parents are taking back control of their school boards, one election at a time.  



Public education must be directed by local school boards, wth administrators and teachers held responsible for implementing the approved curriculum and teaching materials. 


Per Article 10 of the Bill of Rights, education is a state and people issue.  The Federal Government has no constitutional role in the administraton of schools.  As the Department of Education was the last large bureaucracy to be introduced into the Federal Government, it should logically be the first to be recycled in the coming governmental reforms.


With the growth of home, charter and private schools, and as declining demographics of the school age population force a downsizing of public education, disused properties will need to be repurposed and increasingly absorbed by each local community.


  Similarly, as demand for higher education shifts to more specialized technical jobs of the future, and the stark realization that most high school graduates don't benefit from marginally applicable and  expensive 4-year degrees, many colleges and universities will be forced to repurpose their facilities to shorter, specific and more cost effective, vocational training, and continuing education for adults with workplace experience.



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