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CRT, the Enemy of Reason, Evidence & Open Debate - Natl Review Article



MT - 5/27/21 AG Austin Knudsen Bans CRT in Schools

NH - 6/25/21 Gov. Sununu signs budget with CRT Ban

OK - 5/7/21 Gov. Kevin Stitt signs Bill Banning CRT from Public Schools

TN - 5/4/21 House Bill Passes Banning CRT from K-12

TX - 6/16/21 Gov. Greg Abbott signs Bill Banning CRT from K-12 Schools

UT 5/18/21 Legislature passes resolution against teaching CRT in Schools

A radical policy of divisive racism &



grooming !

What the China(zi) covid virus exposed in K-12 curriculums . . .

2022 Parent Revolution




2020-21 China(zi) covid

lockdowns & online classes

enabled parents

across the country

to become aware

 in real time,

of a subversive

CRT curriculum &

perverse sexualization

of their beloved children

by credentialed groomers

in K-12 education  


truth be known,

the cover's blown.


public education

is not mentioned

in the Constitution, 

& therefore must be 

directed by states!



teachers must be instructed

what to teach, and

in order to remain employed,

what not to teach.



PTA - Parents Teach again

charter schools

home schoolS

public failureS