The House Democrat's Jan 6 Committee,
failed in it's attempt to pin conservatives with insurrection;  it was obviously a "mostly peaceful" protest that got out of hand.  Waiting to  be revealed is that Speaker Pelosi  and her party minions intentionally lowered Captiol Hill defenses, and along with deep state bureaucrats, agencies, Antifa, and other nefarious actors, positioned numerous, documented, agent provaceauters to perpetrate  violence at the Capitol.   These actions lead understandably angry patriot protestors astray - given the obvious 2020 election irregularities!


Only House GOP oversight hearings, with thorough and transparent inquiries into the illegal actions of corrupt, partisan legislators, bureaucrats, and the provaceauters themselves, can expose these revellations fully to the American public.



Meaningful justice will have to wait

for a new administration,

and a new Attorney General.














Disparate justice . . . Palace Intrigues . . .  or Both?

the Whys of the Mar-A-Lago Raid explored

can Toto come too ?

. . . there's nothing "semi" about Brandon

Projecting Full Fascist . . . 

what we must be most watchful of are the excesses of our elite's maniacal greed

& pursuit of  p o w e r 

over our inalienable 

rights & freedoms !

Vamonos         Brandon!





Ramaswamy wants to abolish some government agencies, rebuild others, and significantly curtail the power of professional bureaucrats. But waging and winning a war against the swamp, he said, would require “a unique confluence of somebody who was educated in constitutional law combined with somebody who has actually built and run enterprises before and who understands that if somebody works for you, but you can't fire them, they don't actually work for you.


- excerpt from Real Clear Politics 3/7/23 by Philip Wegmann,

“Ramaswamy Rebuffs Alleged Offer to Buy CPAC Straw Poll”