A Collision of Culture in the Crossroads


@      S W A M P       &       M A I N   

dirty tricks . . . 
watch your sIX 
"2000 Mules"
a documentary film created
by Dinesh D'Souza,
exposes widespread,
coordinated voter fraud
in the 2020 election,
sufficient to change
the overall outcome -
and so we ended up
with getting  Brandon
selected by the swamp . . . 


(  . . . got it? click the link ) 



"Rigged 2020"
The Zuckerberg Funded Plot
to Defeat Donald Trump
- A Full Reveal
of the Democrat's Planned
and Perpetrated Cheating
to Squeek-By an Illigitimate Win
in 6 Battleground States
in the 2020 Election.   


Can We Comprehend

Our Predicament? 

i t ' s   t h e   e c o n o m y ,   
b r a n d o n !
Inflation is the
most insidious,
affecting those
who can afford
price hikes 
the least ! 

and while irrerconcilable differences in ideology are causing cultural clashes . . . 

what we must be most watchful of are the excesses of our elite's maniacal greed

& pursuit of  p o w e r 

over our inalienable 

rights & freedoms !